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Calming agent to reduce nervousness. Also great for digestive system


Natural remedy to settle nervous system. Increases dog's mood and improves temperament.

Calming (28 x 60ml) - Functional Liquid Supplements for Dogs to Reduce Anxiety

PAWD Calming has been developed by world-leading animal nutritionists and approved by vets to relax your dog in stressful situations and reduce anxiety.


Anxiety in dogs can be in multiple forms. If your pup suffers from one of the following, PAWD Calming could be the paw-fect supplement:


  • Separation anxiety – do they get sad when you leave them?
  • Social anxiety – do they get nervous around new humans or new dogs?
  • Travel anxiety – do they hate getting in the car for long journeys?
  • Noise anxiety – are they scared of loud noises, such as fireworks?


PAWD Calming contains 100% Natural Ingredients which have been scientifically tested to relieve stress in your pup.


How do I use PAWD Calming?

PAWD Calming has been scientifically designed to be served daily. Simply pour one of the 60ml shots into an empty dog bowl each day to gain the full benefit of PAWD.


Will my dog drink PAWD Calming?

Nothing can ever be 100% guaranteed (especially with some fussy pups!), but the acceptance rate of PAWD Calming is over 90%! The pups love the natural yeast extract flavouring in PAWD Calming which gives the drinks a chicken-y flavour – lucky them! If your pup is one of the few who does not drink PAWD Calming, we offer a full money back guarantee.


How long will it take for my dog to see the health benefits?

This will differ from dog-to-dog. However, research has shown becoming calmer and more relaxed in previously stressful situations within 4-5 days in some cases. However, with PAWD Calming being a fully natural, herbal product, it is scientifically recommended to allow up to 3 months to see health benefits in your pup.

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Notice a positive difference on your dog within 56 days, or your money back

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Specially formulated to help calm your furry friend! Our drink is made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are carefully selected to provide optimal calming support for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Purified Water, Passionflower Powder, Balm Extract, Yeast Extract, Glucose*. *natural

Moisture 99.8%, Crude Fibre > 1.0%, Fat 0.1%, Protein 0.1%, Ash < 0.1, 5KJ/100g

PAWD DRINKS has been designed to be one full 60ml bottle per day for all breeds and sizes. PAWD DRINKS can be served at any time in the day and it doesn’t matter how long it takes for your doggy to consume.

At PAWD DRINKS, we are committed to your pet's health and happiness. If you don't see a noticeable positive difference in your dog's well-being within 56 days of using PAWD DRINKS, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

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