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How much PAWD DRINKS should I give my dog?

PAWD DRINKS has been designed to be one full 60ml bottle per day for all breeds and sizes. PAWD DRINKS can be served at any time in the day and it doesn’t matter how long it takes for your dog to consume. 

If your dog is less than 10kg, we’d recommend starting with a half bottle per serving and build up as required. PAWD DRINKS can be stored in the refrigerator after opening to help preserve their freshness. Be sure to screw the cap back on tightly and then place in the fridge, ready for the next delicious drink.

How often should I be giving PAWD DRINKS to my dog?

PAWD DRINKS has been scientifically designed to be served on a daily basis. Although there are no negative side effects if days are missed, for best results we advise PAWD DRINKS to be served daily.

How should PAWD DRINKS be served?

PAWD DRINKS is a ready-to-drink product. This means it really is as simple as pouring a full bottle into an empty dog bowl, standing back, and watching your best friend lap it up!

How to introduce your dog to PAWD DRINKS.

How was PAWD DRINKS developed?

PAWD DRINKS products have been in scientific development since 2022 by world-leading Animal Nutritionists to ensure the highest quality products for your best friends.

What are PAWD DRINKS supplements?

PAWD DRINKS is a range of liquid health supplements that have been scientifically designed to target common health-related issues that dogs face such as arthritis, anxiety and muscle development.

Why should I give my dog PAWD DRINKS?

PAWD DRINKS has been scientifically designed to target common related health issues. If your dog struggles with arthritis, anxiety or muscle development, this is the perfect solution for you. Gone are the days of force-feeding your loved one pills.

Will PAWD DRINKS replace my dog's water?

No, PAWD has been designed to be a ready-to-drink product. PAWD DRINKS is a water-based product that does have hydrating benefits; however, normal water is essential for your dog’s overall health, and should always be readily available.

A note on Maltodextrin

What is it?

Maltodextrin is a form of carbohydrate commonly used in dog food, treats, and supplements to help bind ingredients, develop consistency, and replace fats as a source of energy. In PAWD DRINKS' products, it is used as a carrier for our functional ingredients, rather than a key ingredient itself.

Our products contain less than 0.01% maltodextrin (of which is completely natural and has not been produced from GMO). Essentially, the amount of maltodextrin in each PAWD DRINK drink is equivalent to the same amount of carbohydrate energy in 1/60th of a grain of rice.

Maltodextrin is an approved and prevalent ingredient across a broad spectrum of pet consumables, including those produced by market leaders in the pet supplement and food industry. Due to its versatile properties, maltodextrin finds its way into a significant majority of pet food products and supplements, helping to enhance texture and palatability. It is recognised as safe when used in appropriate quantities, following the guidelines set out for pet food manufacturing and composition.

PAWD DRINKS were developed by world-leading figures in the animal nutrition space and led by our Head Scientist, Dr Farshad Goodarzi Boroojeni. Dr Farshad has two Ph.Ds in the animal nutrition and biomedical sciences field, and has dedicated his career to understanding the nutritional needs and physiological well-being of animals. PAWD DRINKS have been developed over the past two years, including a meticulous testing process across a wide range of canine breeds and sizes in pool of over 200 dogs, at the University of Berlin.

The health of dogs has always been the absolute number one priority for all PAWD DRINKS products. We are aware there are various sources of conflicting information from various sources across the internet. As lifelong dog owners ourselves, the health of our dogs is paramount to us and the last thing we would want is for any dog to be consuming anything that might be harmful. The ingreidient’s widespread use is testament to its effectiveness and safety, as recognised by regulatory authorities both in the UK, US and Europe. As consumers continue to demand high-quality and nutritionally balanced options for their pets, maltodextrin remains a staple component in the formulation of leading pet supplement brands.

-Rory & Archie