Our Story

Long-time friends, Rory and Archie, founded PAWD DRINKS out of a shared experience; their much-loved family dogs, Scrumpy and Pickle. Unwilling to rely on costly and extensive pill plans, they created an easy-to-use health supplement to improve the heath of dogs. PAWD DRINKS embodies their commitment to ensuring more healthy, happy years for dogs and their owners.

Join them in making a difference in the lives of our furry friends. Their mission is to ensure owners can enjoy many more healthy and happy years with their best friend.

How it all started...


Scrumpy was born


Throughout Scrumpy's life. It seemed the only way to treat his arthritis was through pills, pastes, creams or injections!

Rory used to have to wrap all the pills and pastes up in ham and cheese - only for Scrumpy to eat the disguises and spit the pills out - NIGHTMARE!

Lightbulb moment: Rory thought it seemed strange that the only way to solve these problems in dogs was through methods that they didn't like.

The solution: From copious research and speaking with numerous scientists, it became clear liquids are by far the most efficient and effective way to transport minerals, vitamins and nutrients into a body.

Identify the problem: From surveys to family and friends, it was clear everyone had similar problems. It was clear that something had to be done!


Rory was passionate that he wanted to prevent dogs (and their owners) from going through that experience with their own dogs.


PAWD was founded with the mission to make your best friend healthier for longer.


A world-leading Animal Nutritionist firm became partners in PAWD as they shared the same vision for the future of dog's health.


Rory's best friend from school, Archie, left Amazon to join PAWD DRINKS. Archie's family dog, Pickle, suffered from arthritis and seperation anxiety but had to go through the same pill torture as Scrumpy!


After 18 months of scientific product development. PAWD has now developed a range of liquid health supplements to target common health related issues, including arthritis, anxiety and muscle development.

These products have been made to be:

PH Neutral

Free from Acidifiers

Free From Preservatives

Free From Additives

100% Plant-Based

All designed with the dogs health the number one priority!!!