Helps reduce

  • Anxiety
  • Barking
  • Aggression
  • Stress

Relieves Pain
Improves Mobility
Reduces Swelling
Enhances Healing

So, Why Liquid?

Rapid Absorption

Our liquid extracts assimilate in just 1-4 minutes, unlike pills which take 30-40 minutes just to break down their casing.

Gentle and Efficient

Drinking our supplement is not only easier but also gentler on your dog's body which is particularly important for older dogs.

Veterinary Recommendation

In a survey of veterinarians, 95% recommended liquid supplements for dogs, highlighting factors such as bioavailability and ease of administration.

Higher Utilisation

98% of the nutrients in our liquid extracts are used by a dog's body. In contrast, only about 40% of the nutrients in pill form are utilised.

As seen in

Approved by Vets

Loved by dogs

Natural & Sustainable

Contains No Acidifiers

Contains No Preservatives

PH Neutral

PAWD DRINKS is a range of scientifically formulated, functional supplements for dogs


PAWD DRINKS Calming is a specially formulated drink infused with calming botanicals and nutrients to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog. Enhance their well-being with PAWD DRINKS Calming for a tranquil state of mind.


PAWD DRINKS Joints nourishes and rejuvenates your dog's joints at a cellular level, optimising function reducing inflammation, and enhancing mobility. Trust PAWD DRINKS Joints for advanced science-backed joint health support.

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