Keeping your dog hydrated: An informative guide for National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

pet hydration awareness month, how to keep your pet hydrated

July is here - so dog owners should mark their calendars for National Pet Hydration Awareness Month. This dedicated month serves as an important reminder to ensure our four-legged friends stay well-hydrated, cool and calm, especially during the hot summer days and nights. With PAWD DRINKS, a range of functional liquid health supplements, keeping your dog hydrated whilst providing functional supplements has never been easier.

Why is hydration so crucial for dogs you ask? They have their water bowls, why do they need more?

Hydration is as essential for dogs as it is for humans. Water makes up about 60% of a dog's body, playing a critical role in various bodily functions. Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, aids in digestion and increases cognitive function, whilst also keeping our furry friends cool, calm and happy. Without sufficient water intake, dogs can quickly become dehydrated, leading to serious health issues, just like in us, humans. One of the USPs to PAWD DRINKS supplements are that they are scientifically formulated to support overall health in dogs, whilst also encouraging dogs to drink water.

Worried that your dog isn’t getting enough water? Our top 3 tips for this are:

- Always Provide Fresh Water: Ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times. Change the water regularly to keep it appealing. There is nothing worse than a filthy bowl full of leaves, mud and other random objects your pup has been scavenging for in the fields. Like humans, dogs enjoy a clean bowl and clean drink.

- Incorporate PAWD DRINKS: These functional liquid health supplements can be frozen, mixed with your dogs food, or PAWD straight into your dog’s empty water bowl making hydration both tasty and nutritious. By adding water-based supplements to your dog diet, it is a way of increasing their hydration, without them even knowing!

-Carry liquids on Walks: During walks or outdoor activities, carry a portable water bottle and bowl to offer your dog frequent drinks. In heat, dogs can lose up to 20% of their bodily fluid just through perspiration – this isn’t healthy and they need to get the liquids back into their bodies as soon as possible.

As we celebrate National Pet Hydration Awareness Month in July, as dog owners, it is our responsibility to make a collective effort to keep our pets hydrated and healthy. By staying vigilant and proactive about our dogs' hydration needs, we can ensure we, and most importantly they, enjoy a happy, healthy summer. 

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